Exploring Sunken World War 2 Wrecks in the Philippines

While in the Philippines we were able to explore 3 different Japanese wrecks from World War 2 that were sunk by US Fighter Planes in 1944. In this video you will see the Olympia Maru and towards the end of the video the Kogyo Maru. For more info visit our travel blog at http://www.dontmisstheboat.org

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4 thoughts on “Exploring Sunken World War 2 Wrecks in the Philippines

  1. Robin says:

    Feel like I’m part of this amazing journey with you two. Between your descriptive writings and gorgeous photos/vids, we all get to experience (virtually) such wonders…just wish we could taste some of those goodies! Can’t wait for next post/pix!

  2. Brian says:

    What a great adventure and what a great film. I could not help thinking about the possibility that Karen’s Dad may have been the pilot of one of the planes that sunk this ship. He fought over the Philippines and we have all of his the film that automatically was triggered in combat. This shows his sinking Japanese boats anchored off the coast of the islands.

    • Wow Brian that is incredible! Ben mentioned the possibility that Karen’s Dad may be have been over in the Philippines at that time but it does sound like a strong possibility that he could have been one of those pilots. Apparently some of the American planes actually ran out of gas on the way back from the mission and crashed.
      There’s some more info about the attacks and shipwrecks here:

      Let us know if you find out any more!

  3. WOW!!! sooooo cool! That crazy, weird fish was all up in your grill checkin you out 🙂 What a great adventure so far. And as expected, in typical ben jones fashion, the photos videos and compilation of all of it looks fantastic. Excited to see more of what’s to come!!

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