VIDEO: Island Hopping Around Coron, Philippines

While staying in Coron, Philippines, we took advantage of the ability to cheaply hire a Bangka (wooden outrigger boat) and boatman and set out in the beautiful bay stopping wherever we wanted.  It was an amazing day and we put together this video to share some of the highlights…enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Island Hopping Around Coron, Philippines

  1. Dad says:

    Ben and Shana,
    The water looks very blue and inviting.

  2. Jo says:

    Just watched your video of the boat ride in the Philippines and just wanted to get in that beautiful clear blue water. Well, actually you did take me in there- it was marvelous and refreshing! What a fantastic trip you are having. There will be so much to tell of your adventures when you get back. In the meantime am really enjoying your postings.

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