Manila To Clark Airport

Getting a straight answer on how to get from Manila airport to Clark airport is almost impossible online so after doing the trip ourselves we hope info will help you out. Prices are from March 2012.

Option 1- cheapest option
1. From Manila airport exit the baggage pickup and head outside to where the taxis and shuttle’s leave from. There is a MRT shuttle that leaves when it is full (we waited for a few minutes) and goes to several stops in Manila and costs 20 pesos. Get out at the EDSA bus terminal. The shuttle will actually pull into the terminal where the buses leave from.

2. Find a Genesis Air Con bus that leaves goes to Dau. We got on a bus that left at 7pm (took 15 minutes just to get out of the bus terminal) and I think that may be the last one. Cost was 150 pesos.

3. From the Dau terminal, if you are lucky enough to see one of the Clark airport air con Jeepney’s take that to the airport for 50 pesos. To take a shared regular Jeepney, you will need to take a trike for 80 pesos to the Friendship Jeepney terminal or if you have light luggage exit the bus terminal then go left them up to the main highway cross the road and get a Jeepney to SM and them get off at the Friendship Jeepney terminal. From there you will get a Jeepney to Clark but will still have to walk 200 meters to the airport. That will cost 12 pesos or more if you have large luggage. You can also take a taxi if you see one straight to the airport for 300-400 pesos or 300 from Friendship Jeepney terminal. If you are staying in Angeles, from the Dau bus terminal try to have your hotel pick you up there or get a taxi straight to the hotel. A metered taxi is always cheaper.

Option 2-More expensive, more luxury option
1. Leave the airport by the baggage pickup and get a metered taxi to the Victory Liner terminal on EDSA. Cost will be 100-150 pesos. Take a luxury air con bus to DAU. These buses even have wi-fi and cost 350 pesos to Dau.

2. From Dau bus terminal take a taxi straight to the airport. Cost should be 100-150 pesos but they will try to charge you 350 pesos which is a rip off.

A less expensive option is to get a 5 Star bus from their terminal on EDSA whose buses are actually leaving onto the road the “right way” and will save you 30 minutes in traffic compared to the Victory Liners. These buses cost 140 pesos for air con.
Phil-Tranco also has buses that leave from a terminal on EDSA but we couldnt take one as the last one left on Sundays at 2:30.

4 thoughts on “Manila To Clark Airport

  1. Tony says:

    Thank you for takingtime to post information. It is most helpful.

  2. Thomas Roberts says:


    I have a flight on 18th may from Clark to Bangkok…
    However I was wondering when the best time to leave Palawan would be??
    There is a direct flight from puerto princess’s to Manila arriving at 11.15am, however I will need to get to Clark airport from Manila… Is this cutting it too fine??
    Or Isit possible?

    • Thomas Roberts says:

      My flight from Clark departs at 5pm
      And I would arrive at Manila at 11.15, would this give me enough time to get to Clark?

      • I think that should give you enough time, just make sure you check the bus schedules to make sure there will be a bus that will leave shortly after you arrive in Manila. Traffic can be bad but you have 4 hours from the time you land to get you there 2 hours before your departure.

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